Klamath's Best for a Healthy Mouth

You can tell a lot about a person’s health by the condition of their mouth. It’s almost impossible to have a sick body and a healthy mouth or to have a healthy body and a sick mouth. You can, however, have a sick mouth and not know it. Your mercury filling can be leeching mercury particles or mercury vapour that is poisoning your tissues. Your root canal or your jawbone can be oozing potent toxins, even though you feel no pain. 

Toxins and pathogens deplete the antioxidant stores of the body, and chronic disease is the expected result. Klamath’s Best is a source of powerful anti-oxidants vital to supporting the immune system.

Few people are aware that auto-immune disease, chronic illnesses, and acute illnesses may be related to mercury poisoning from dental fillings or unresolved infection involving a root canal or extraction. In our society, conventional medicine and conventional dentistry both separate the mouth from the rest of the body, not realising the synergistic relationship between each tooth and vital organs or the mouth’s ability to create systemic illness.

A tooth is arguably an organ in itself, and many holistic dentists view it as one. Each tooth is also connected to other organs, tissues, glands etc. through the meridians of the body. Disease with a dead tooth (root canal) or bone and tissue disease due to extractions (cavitations) leech toxins into the body, causing a challenge for the immune system. 

Of all the wide variety of protocols available on safely removing mercury amalgam fillings, the majority of them include the consumption of chlorophyll rich plants before and after removal. Chlorophyll literally soaks up residual mercury in your body and it then eliminates it through your lymph system (by sweating) and your bowels.

The chlorophyll in Klamath’s Best Blue Green Algae benefits and cleanses the liver, which is the chief organ for detoxing your body on a daily basis. If your liver is functioning at its optimal level, it will speed up the process. Even if you eat all organic food and live far away from any major cities, you are still exposed a wide variety of environmental toxins.

Another important ability found in Klamaths Best is how well it rebuilds nerve tissue. Damaged nerve tissue is a component in many debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, seizures, Alzheimer's, sciatica, Parkinson's and more. Mercury poisoning is specifically known to cause nerve damage by destroying the myelin sheath around nerve cells. AFA Blue Green Algae benefits this by first pulling mercury out of the body (which may or may not be implicit in the above mentioned diseases) while at the same time stimulating the bodies own innate ability to repair its own damaged nerve tissue.

Nerve repair can happen whether or not there has been mercury contamination present in the first place. However the rapid rise of these diseases in recent decades indicates a hidden cause that is thought by many to be due to mercury poisoning along with other lifestyle factors and not the old scapegoat of genetics. Klamaths Best contains the essential fatty acids necessary for building and repairing nerve and brain tissue.


After a root canal is performed, the tooth is dead. The remaining tissue and structure now provides a ripe environment for infection. Tooth material (dentine) is not solid. It is rife with tubules—incredibly small canals or tunnels. If you were to stretch out the tubules in each tooth, tubules from incisors would reach 3 miles, while tubules from molars would reach 9 miles.

Once the pulp is removed from the tooth, there is no longer a blood or oxygen supply. The bacteria that remain can mutate to an anaerobic form and multiply until there are millions living within the tubules of the dead tooth. From there, they secrete potent toxins.

Holistic practitioners are finding these dead teeth are often a source of disease for the body—everything from unexplained symptoms to cancer. For example, a Dr. Garcia tells of a woman who consulted several doctors for a mysterious swelling in one leg. Within one day after Dr. Garcia removed the woman’s tooth (an old root canal), the swelling was gone. When Dr. Thomas Rau, a Swiss physician who specialises in breast cancer, learned of the possible link between root canals and cancer, he investigated his last 150 patients and found that 97% of them did have one or more root canals—and they were on the same meridian side of the body as the cancer!

A dead tooth may spew toxins into the body with no detectable symptoms—no pain, no swelling of the gums—nothing to alert you that it is wrecking havoc upon your immune system and causing chronic and acute medical conditions that you are attempting to cure.

Speak with your holistic dentist about extracting and replacing cadaverous teeth and how to proceed with ongoing dental care. In the meantime, you must eat a diet that aids you in detoxing, while building the immune system - including Klamath’s Best Blue Green Algae with its high levels of chlorophyll and anti-oxidants.


When dealing with mercury fillings, cavitations, and root canals, repairing (if necessary) and boosting the immune system is of paramount importance. Whether you are dealing with mercury, root canals, or cavitations, your immune system is under attack. Toxins or heavy metals are bombarding it, so you must give your immune system all of the nutritional support possible, while doing your best not to add to its burden. Klamath’s Best Blue Green Algae is one of the best ‘superfoods’ available and provides the protective nutrition necessary to boost the body’s immune system.*

*A Clinical study commissioned by Klamath's Best carried out by Synexa at the University of Stellenbosch on “The Effect of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae on T-helper cells, lymphocyte activation and Natural Killer Cells”.